DIY Moisturising Avocado and Honey Hair Mask


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Throughout my journey I have tried to use mostly natural products on my hair, I have found myself standing in the hair isle going through the list of ingredients looking for baddies like mineral oil and chemicals which I can’t even pronounce and yet I never thought to actually put avocado, bananas or eggs in my hair, I always found it a bit weird I mean I’d rather eat the avocado, banana and what not than have it stuck in my hair right? Well this had been my thinking until I actually tried this DIY avocado hair mask, so until you’ve tried something you just won’t know, it may just work for you and save you some money in the process.

So I am finally trying out the avocado mask and I always enjoy mixing up something in my kitchen that will benefit my hair. The wonderful thing about diy is that there are so many resources online to help you find something that will work for you and you can always change up the ingredients to suit your own hair. Not to mention that a hair mask can serve as a face mask too. Isn’t that great! As some ingredients might not agree with your face you might just have to drop an ingredient or two and you have a face mask. But enough of that back to the hair.

Avocados are rich in vitamins and healthy fats. They add moisture to hair strands and also soothe the scalp. The healing and moisturising oils add shine to hair.

Olive oil can reduce dandruff and add moisture to the scalp and hair, making hair shinier, soft and vibrant. It also serves to strengthen the hair strands.

Eggs are high in protein, fatty acids and vitamins to strengthen the hair, they can renew the hair roots and follicles. They can improve the lustre and texture of the hair leaving you with smoother hair.

Honey is a natural humectant which draws moisture from the air into the hair strands. It can leave hair strands smoother and also adds lustre to hair

FYI do look for avocados without many fibres inside, I’ve read that some natural ladies had problems with the avocado fibres in their hair.

What you will need

  • 1 ripe avocado
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon of honey


Take the avocado, cut it in half and scoop out the flesh into a bowl.

Add the egg yolk, honey and olive oil

Mix ingredients together until you have a smooth mixture

You can use a whisk or hand held electric mixture as well. Which ever one is easier for you.

A QUICK TIP: You can put the mixture through a strainer/sift to remove the avocado fibres. I only learn’t that after I had done mine.

Now apply the mask on freshly washed hair. Simply part your hair into sections and apply from root to ends until your entire head is covered with the avocado mask. Put a shower cap on and leave on for 30 minutes or for even an hour if you would like to. Once your time is up rinse your hair with warm water and voila, hello to super soft, moisturised and manageable hair.

Let me know how it turned out for you.


Marley faux bun


I started playing around with Marley hair for my bun a few months ago and I really enjoyed the look. I actually wondered why I hadn’t done a Marley bun before. So one afternoon I gelled my hair up and tried a few styles that one can easily do. There are a variety of buns one can achieve from an elegant high bun to a playful double bun. I love buns for their simplicity and with the hot weather upon us it’s the perfect style for keeping your hair away from your ears and face depending on the length of your hair.  Enjoy the pictures below for inspiration.

What you need:

  • a leave in moisturiser of your choice, I used aloe vera juice
  • hair butter of your choice, I used my Sheacoco butter
  • spray bottle with water
  • gel
  • bristle brush
  • bobby pins, hair bands
  • Marley hair

I started on stretched hair from an old twist out. I simply combed my hair out, sprayed some aloe vera juice and sealed with my Sheacoco butter. I then lightly spritzed some water around the perimeter of my hair and added gel. I brushed my hair into a pony with a soft bristle brush. I tied a silk scarf around my head to lay everything down for about 15 to 20 minutes whilst I did my makeup. You can even go straight to bed to set it overnight as well. To attach the marley hair to my own bun I made a loop around it using the hair band and then proceeded to tie it around my own bun if that makes sense. After that I wrapped it around to make my  bun.

Hair brushed into a bun with gel

At night I remove the hair extension and wrap my hair with my doek and reattach it in the morning. This is perfect for me as it lasts me a whole week and saves me loads of time getting ready in the mornings.

The important thing to remember is to avoid tying the bun on the same spot as this could lead to continuous tension on the same spot if you pull your hair too tight which you shouldn’t. You should interchange between a high, low and middle bun. Always be gentle on the hairline, making sure not to pull on those delicate hairs.

You can play around with the hair and do a double bun as well.

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Cheers for now

Is protective styling for you?


People often ask me why I wear wigs, don’t you like your hair?  I generally like to keep my hair in a protective style for most of the time due to the fact that I suffer from hand in hair syndrome and pure laziness. Most people are under the impression that if you are natural and still choose to wear weaves, wigs and braids you don’t like your natural hair but that’s hardly the case. I find that when I keep my hair out for a long period of time I over manipulate it. My hands are constantly in my hair, those who know me know how much I love washing my hair, I just love the way my hair feels all springy when it’s wet. The constant styling and daily combing ends up becoming a problem because I soon become very lazy and impatient with styling and sticking with my regimen. I would end up not twisting my hair for bed, throwing on my ‘doek’ (silk scarf) and leaving it all for the next day which leads to tangled hair for me. When you don’t stick to your regimen, in terms of moisturising and conditioning your hair, hair can become dry and lead to breakage over time. So instead of not treating my hair as I should I either wig it, bun it or have it braided. Continue reading “Is protective styling for you?”

The curly fro

I like to consider myself as a lazy natural so when it comes to styling my hair I look for a style that I can easily maintain through out the entire week, something that won’t be too time consuming in the mornings and evenings when I go to bed. The one thing about being a natural head is that we have to invest a lot of time into our hair and sometimes I am just too tired or plain lazy to be bothered by it. So whenever I can do something that won’t take up too much time it’s a major plus for me. Continue reading “The curly fro”