Wash day tips for natural hair


So another week has gone by and wash day is looming. You are probably dealing with dry hair at this point but dread the time you will have to put into reviving your coils. Here are a few tips which can have you sailing through your next wash. I know we don’t really spend the entire day washing our natural hair right?

Pre-poo overnight

In order to to prep my hair for cleansing I will section my hair the night before and saturate it with an oil and put it in medium size twists. I then put a shower cap on my head, tie a scarf around it and go to bed. The moisture generated from having the shower cap on and the oil softens the hair making it more manageable, preventing breakage and which in turn cuts down on your detangling time the next morning.


There are two ways to go about your detangling session. You can either detangle your hair with a wide both comb before shampooing whilst your hair is still saturated with the pre-poo. The comb or your fingers will be able to go through your hair with ease as you will also have slip from the oil. Another option is to detangle with a conditioner in your hair under running water. Just make sure you are using a conditioner with lots of slip and the comb will be able to go through your hair much easier saving you time and from having a tender scalp.

Shampoo in twists

 I recently started doing this a few months ago as my hair has gotten long enough to wash without unraveling. By washing in twists you can prevent the possibility of getting your hair tangled causing breakage. You have easier access to your scalp and you can concentrate on doing just that, cleansing your scalp. Don’t worry you will still be able to get your hair strands clean as the shampoo runs down your twists. I squeeze the shampoo into my twists as it runs off from my scalp.


You no longer have to sit with conditioner in your hair for an hour, using a steamer opens the cuticle allowing the conditioner or oils you are using to penetrate the hair. Leaving you with moisturised hair which is prone to less breakage in the space of 20 to 30 minutes. Steaming your hair increases blood flow to the scalp aiding in hair growth and a healthy scalp by unclogging pores in the scalp. There are more benefits to using a steamer which I’ll discuss in more detail in another post.

 Planning your wash day

 It may seem strange that I put this one here but trust me if you are indecisive like me then you’ve probably wasted a lot of time trying to decide on wether you would like to do a bentonite mask that day or which products to use. I used to stare at my stash and only much later realise that I could have washed my hair already and had wasted so much time. So I started planning my wash days, I take out the products I plan on using the night before and place them in the bathroom so that I just wake up the next morning and get to washing.

How do you make your wash days more manageable? I would love to know, do share in the comment section below.






Author: naturallysini

I am a natural hair enthusiast based in Johannesburg, South Africa. I love trying out DIY recipes and finding what works best for my hair.

6 thoughts on “Wash day tips for natural hair”

    1. Hey, I’m glad you found them to be informative. I have a O’hair portable steamer which I use. I steam with a hair mask usually one by Shea moisture, I’ve also used other deep conditioners as well. Any moisturizing conditioner will do.


  1. Hi Sini,

    Thanks for this blog. Do you use the hot oil prepoo for every wash or does it depend on the condition of your hair?
    Also, which wash products do you find work best? When do you use shampoo or do you always cowash?

    Sorry for all the questions 🙂


    1. Hey Keitu
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂 The prepoo I use before every shampoo. For ‘shampoo’ I use African black soap, It’s a really good cleanser. I alternate between ‘shampoo’ and co washing. So in a month I would have co washed twice and use ‘shampoo’ twice. I wash my hair every week or two weeks if I’m lazy or busy.


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