Natural hair salon experience in Ghana

Hey loves

So I recently took a trip to Accra, Ghana for my brothers wedding and my sister recommended the Afrocomb Natural Hair Salon to me whilst I was there. I had planned to go to my usual place but then I figured why not, my sister does her own hair which is absolute hair goals so if she goes there I should definitely check it out too. I needed to do something short term with my hair so I decided to do a kinky crochet style which would blend in with my natural hair.

The first thing that caught my eye when I walked in was how the stylists were natural themselves, I think it gives one a sense a comfort that they would probably treat my hair as they would their own. Most of the naturals I noticed coming in came in for washes, detangling and two strand twist styles which I must admit I envied.


So after being sat down and deciding on my chosen style the stylist started by spraying my hair with water and applied a cream to my hair. She then detangled my hair from root to tip with an afro comb section by section, which she then twisted up. I was very happy at this point because that’s how I handle my own hair as I have a very sensitive scalp and I did not experience a lot of pulling so that was a major thumbs up for me. The front part of my hair was stretched using African threading. Once that was done she cornrowed my hair whilst my hair was still damp and proceeded to crochet the kinky hair onto my hair.

Being a creature of habit I usually rock the same hairdo the crochet was a bit overwhelming to me but I soon managed my way around it. As big as it was it surprisingly felt very light.


Overall I had a good experience for my first time at a natural hair salon. I did not experience the blow drying saga and the ‘is that the comb you are planning on combing my hair with?’  Which are some of the reasons I stopped going to the salon from the time I was transitioning. The stylist took her time with my hair and had gentle hands.

Thank you, Afrocomb.

Author: naturallysini

I am a natural hair enthusiast based in Johannesburg, South Africa. I love trying out DIY recipes and finding what works best for my hair.

6 thoughts on “Natural hair salon experience in Ghana”

  1. So nice to know there are salons which cater for our natural hair, I’m curious do they sell local products as well?


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