Cowashing my natural hair


Hey Ladies

I sometimes get a quizzical look when I talk about cowashing my hair, like why would you use conditioner instead of shampoo?  Why Cowash, Washing your hair with a rinse out conditioner allows you to gently clean your hair without stripping it of all of its oils. Whereas shampoos have harsh detergents, which strip your hair and scalp of all of its oils leaving it dry with that squeaky clean feeling, hence the need to always condition your hair after shampooing. I am personally not a fan of that squeaky clean feeling, my hair doesn’t feel right after using certain shampoos because they are way too drying. Rinse out conditioners also contain small amounts of cleaning agents which allow it to remove dirt from your hair.

When do I cowash, I cowash my hair if I used a cleansing soap or cleansing clay on my hair on the previous wash day so my scalp or hair wouldn’t have too much product buildup which would make a cowash effective enough to lightly clean and condition.

Which conditioner to use, . If it says to leave on for 2-3 minutes then its a rinse out conditioner and it would have a runny or thinner consistency compared to that of a deep conditioner. A silicon free conditioner which would not coat your hair afterwards. There are also actual cleansing conditioners which clean and condition hair at the same time.

Can cowashing be bad, as with all things cowashing is not for everyone. It is mostly suitable for curly, thick and dry hair. If your hair is thin and oily then it may not be for you, it could lead to more oily and flat looking hair. Maintaining a healthy scalp is vital for hair growth so constantly cowashing could lead to an itchy scalp and dandruff. Over cowashing can lead to over moisturised, mushy hair, that happened to me when I was transitioning because I got carried away and I cowashed my hair too much. Now that I only cowash twice a month my scalp and hair is happy.

I was able to achieve a clean scalp and clean hair from the cowash. As with all things whenever you introduce something new to hair regimen, don’t over do it. Take your time and see if it works for you or not.

Happy hair journey 🙂

Author: naturallysini

I am a natural hair enthusiast based in Johannesburg, South Africa. I love trying out DIY recipes and finding what works best for my hair.

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